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Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H

Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H
Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H
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  • Brand: Kangaro
  • Model: Kangaro Gun Tacker TS-13H
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Product Description

  • This Metal Tacker is ideal for a variety of jobs including fixing items to walls, decorating and repairs. It is made entirely of steel, making is a sturdy tool that will last a long time.
  • This tacker is perfect for a variety of jobs including pinning and fixing paper to walls.
  • It is made from steel which makes it strong and durable.
  • It features a quick-jam clear mechanism with reduces your frustration.
  • The high-tension spring ensure the staples come out quickly and easily.
  • The handle will securely lock closed, making it safe to store in your workspace.
  • For Staple Use 24/6-10,23/6-13,T8-13
  • Suitable For: Fencing, Canvas, Netting, Textile, Leather, Decorative Work, Plastic protection, Frames, Upholstery, Beading.

Packaging - Single Pc

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